Who Owns the Fells, the Dales, the Meers??

2016, my photographs and book photographs, dots, papers, strings, threads, hobby grass, felt, beads, earth, 26 ½ x 40 inches.

Last spring we went to the sublime Lakes District in Northern England. The fells, tors, pikes, dales, meers, becks, etc. were awesome and all encompassing. This land seemed like it belonged only to itself,  touched only by the sheep that had been grazing there for thousands of years.  Looking closer though, there are carefully constructed complex stone walls that wind all over the landscape. They snake from fell to tor and down to dale, through meer and beck and up again.  They twist in and out, over and under. It must have taken hundreds of thousands of man hours to construct all these walls.  Who could have wanted to claim God’s raw land for themselves like this?   I have made my man made dot and paper walls across all the lands which are in fact, women’s bottoms.