Wherever You Are, There You Are: Northern or Southern Hemisphere, 2022,

special thick indigo abaca paper that I commissioned from Carriage House Paper, thread, stars and circles cut out from stamps, 31 x 63 inches.

There are so many ways to interpret the awe inspiring, complex universe.   This is just one way of many. I  designed this parchment thick indigo abaca paper from the Carriage House Paper in Brooklyn. They couldn’t make it as big as I wanted, so I had to cut it up a bit and sew it back together. Then I copied a universe map which was given to me by my friend Melinda. I think it is from the late 1800’s but I am not sure.  I used circles and stars cut out of stamps and these correspond to either planet or star.  Each stamp is a little world from a little world, so I feel that it suits, representing  little worlds in the universe as well.   Because I am super challenged, I made a very awkward system to reproduce the map as exactly as possible, but it is basically correct. (Though of course the map I copied is not correct at all!)   

The name of this artwork is supposed to be a little funny while being serious at the same time.  I heard something like this term as a joke in Mad Max the movie, but I don’t remember exactly what.  The term makes me chuckle.   It is also a spiritual statement that people take seriously.  For me, the statement is supposed to be exactly what it says, but not just in a human way.   Being at the store instead of at home is nothing compared to your relation to wherever you are in relation to the mighty cosmos. This seems a little thing because we cannot grasp it as ignorant pawns, but it is not. 

Price on demand