When Religion Was Science, 2023, indigo abaca from Carriage House Paper, stamps, thread, embroidery thread, postcard, 21 inches around?

This is what the cosmos kind of looked like in the 18th century from the UK on the summer solstice.  I am thinking about how where we are, very much defines what we see.  This is not just the firmament, but also a flower, a face or  a house, etc.  It is all subjective to where you are in relation to it.

I copied the line up of my planets and stars from an 18th century sky map that depicts the summer solstice.  I used paper that I commissioned from the Carriage Paper House in Brooklyn. It is an indigo dyed abaca that is so thick  that it is almost like parchment.   Like “Wherever You Go, There You Are…”, I have enlarged and copied the map, but have used circles and stars cut out of stamps to  mark each planet and star’s location.  A stamp is a little world in and of itself and I think well represents a tiny world.

The centre of the circle is a cut out postcard from Stonehenge.   Stonhenge is an English prehistoric stone circle, monument, cemetery,  and more,  built between 3000 -1520 BCE.  It was used for lots of ceremonies, including marking the summer and winter solstice.  The way that the stones are arranged, the sun moves around the  rock formations in a particular way marking the movement of the sun, especially at these times.

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