Tiny Bit of a Forest Family (Inspired by Pengalli), 2020

papers, photos, hobby grass, felt, string, thread, ink, acetate, holes, 57 x 37 inches.
Pembrokeshire in June is breathtaking. It is alive and fragrant. I took the children on a quest to find the ancient Pengalli Forest. Of course we got lost and by the time we finally found it, I was getting too much grief, so that I wasn’t allowed to spend the endless hours that I had fantasized about. Never the less, it made an imprint on my psyche. Roots grow in and out of roots that wind into and around trunks and branches that twine through more roots. Brown crunchy leaves loam the forest floor, but still allowing bright green sprouts to emerge. Green leaves carpet the sky above us and bob from branches. Moss carpets ancient rotting wood,¬† rocks, roots and dense earth. I feel¬† pure earth in my lungs and soul as I breath. It fills my brain with life. We are an interwoven existence. We are life and death and life on death and death on life. This is a tiny attempt at an homage to my experience at Pengalli. I tried to show the dense multilayered and intertwined diversity by using different materials and sections that I made and collected over time. Of course there is air because of course the forest is rich in that despite the fact that you cannot always see it.