White, in concept, often portrays space and light. Holes are the literal version of space and light. I thought, “What if I take away some white paper and leave air holes?” I was interested to see what the holes did to the artwork. Would it be seamless or jarring? It actually isn’t very jarring at all and sadly doesn’t seem conceptual. These “holey” artworks became WOVEN artworks and they looked beautiful. I play with the traditional idea of “negative space” in a two-dimensional artwork. Here, it is air. It is nothing. But it is not actually nothing of course. It is air as something, light, shadow, and whatever is beyond. If I took the materials away all together to show only the holes, which is space, my art would be more conceptual. Fascinatingly, probably to almost only me alone, it would not be empty. This was very articulately demonstrated by John Cage’s “four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence” which was, of course, not silent.

The woven series has progressed away from being just white. I usually use rejected papers that have significance to me and recycle them. I don’t like to throw away papers that are personally meaningful, but if I can use them in art, they can be reborn. I loosely, and sometimes tightly, weave the papers together and glue them. They are very strong and flexible.