I am actually not that much of a patriot because I feel at odds with many things that the American lifestyle embodies and the way that many Americans don’t see the world. The xenophobic flag waving American is scary. On the other hand, after primarily living in the UK since 2000, I have a new appreciation for some things American. No one embraces individuality and the possibility of what that individuality can achieve like the Americans. They see and encourage the potential of the human spirit. They give everyone a chance to join in – ish. They believe in the individual’s responsibility to participate in society and give charity. My flags etc. are a little bit tongue and cheek, but being abroad, I also feel that I have to stand up and own my identity.

Ironically, now that I have become an British citizen as well, I maybe need to embrace that identity of mine too. I feel very proud about Great Britain as a country for its fairness, intelligence, and wit. Strangely though, I don’t think that I could ever wave an English flag like it was my own. Although, that act would not be very English, so maybe I am more English than I realize. haha.