The World in Stamps in 2017 Minus Kosovo, Moldova, Tokelau, East Timor, US Virgin Islands-If Anyone Has These Stamps Please Share With Me (unfinished and badly documented)

2020, papers, maps of water, stamps, string, thread, gouache and graphite, 60 x 64 inches.

I spent over 10 years accumulating, sorting and putting this map together. This artwork is all the countries in the world during the year 2017, when the map this was based on, was made.   I tried to make it as true as possible, but it is not perfect.  Some of the countries like Kosovo or Western Sudan don’t have stamps for themselves. Of course, they exist, but are they recognized properly if they don’t have a stamp?  Antarctica belongs to everyone. The background is gently used water maps. My map is upside down and should be diagonal too, but I would have gotten too confused.