The Children's Messy Water Is the Most Important

2012-3, collaboration with Lara Howell and Miss Kirstein’s second grade class, fabrics and thread, approximately, 50 x 70 inches.

This was a labor intensive project that Lara Howell,  Jen Kirstein’s class, and I made for the biannual ASL fundraising raffle.  The children and teachers sewed together blue, circular pieces of fabric as well as they could. We thought that circles might give the impression of a rolling, ever changing sea.  Many got tangled or bunched up or lumpy, but this was the charm.  For some children, this was the first time they had ever sewn and I was moved to see that all the children really enjoyed it.   I cut out the land masses which are not very well done.  I also sewed some water together to secure it.  However, Lara diligently sewed most everything together, cleanly and neatly.  Then she hired a man to back the art quilt beautifully for a godforsaken amount.  The whole thing was a huge collaboration and ended up very sleek and presentable. Be that as it may, the children’s messy water is the most important.