Roots of the Flowers, 2023, papers, gold, fabric, embroidery thread, thread, string, flowers, ink, pencil, 20 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches.

This is a snipped off part  of the tapestry that I turned into “Sun Saturated Spring Patch”.  These is a bit of a weed garden with everything growing higgeldy pigeldy; something any schmancy homeowner or gardener would revile, but I find to be quite divine. In nature, seemingly incongruous plants all live together in harmony, or maybe not, but that is life in nature. We cannot tame it all to be at our beck and call.

Here, part of the root and essence of the flowers are brown string tiny tubers that wind and twine throughout the paper.  I have also used the negative space of the cut out flowers that I drew to make the golden flower roots.  These are  luminescent shadows of what is and what is to come above. To me, they are the alchemy in the soil, so powerful, yet overlooked.   Soil and roots and their enchantments are ever deeper and more almighty than what sprouts overground.  As humans, we live above, ignorant and indifferent to the actual energy that nourishes our bodies and souls.