The Outside Is Our Inside, 2021

papers, beads, pearls, thread, string, stamps, felt, ink, dots, and holes, size?

This artwork is inspired by an artwork called Nunavut Qajanartuk (Our Beautiful Land), 1992 made by Kenojuak Ashevak, a West Baffin Eskimo.  I am drawn to the naive and folky style along with the concept of the sky being on the inside instead of the outside. It is true that in today’s world, we are always looking up and out at the sky, thinking that we are the center, when in fact, the sky is on our inside. Our contemporary selves have lost the ability to feel our place in the universe.

In my version, the animals are domesticated chickens, cows and flies. The houses and trees are like their stock representations, like the ones we made when we were children. The universe is a vast endless winding maze of twinkling stars and space.

Price on demand