Flower Frieze: Sun Saturated Spring Patch, 2023, papers, fabric, embroidery thread, graphite, ink, oxidized copper ink, 11 x 69 1/2 inches.

I bought this long piece of linen from these ladies who sell vintage things from the Queens Park Fair.  This was a wall hanging from France. I loved it for its quirky, crude, hand made feel. I was intrigued by who made it, where it would go and what kind of a household it would hang in.   I hung it on my studio wall, so long that it barely fit. I love a long horizon.  To me, a horizon like this,  depicts the actual way that we inhabit our earth. We dig down in a very shallow way and even our planes barely leave the ground, relatively speaking.

To revive this tapestry, I embroidered some of my own flowers onto it.  I cannot say that they are better than the red ones here, but they are my attempt.  I then added paper flowers that I have drawn with pencil.  In May, the yellow wildflowers are exceptionally golden radiant, like the sun has infiltrated the petals and glows from the inside.   I used natural inks to try to capture this affect.

I then added little tiny roots under the red boarder to acknowledge that they are important too.

I ended up cutting off the bits on both ends and turning them into their own artworks.  I felt a bit guilty not incorporating the whole length and keeping it intact. However,  I was finished saying what I had to say with this longness and the other bits had something else to say, so I have left it like that.

This is an early spring patch, with fragile sunshiny blossoms bringing  fresh life to our earth.