Stick, 2021

Papers, ink, pencil, coloured pencils, thread, size?

When we visit our friends Arabella and Helmut at their house at The Haie, Arabella and I go on endless walks in their local Gloucestershire woods.  On one of our walks, this beautiful stick appeared to us in the middle of our path. I was moved to pick it up and take it home.   I drew it in sections on recycled paper that I later put together. This version of the stick is much straighter than the stick is now. It has sadly bowed with age and has lost its translucent sea foam  colour in its lichen.   I find it impossible  to recreated colours in nature. This is a feeble attempt at demonstrating in an expressionistic way how I was moved by the stick.  I only coloured around the stick and on the lichen bits. The stick itself is not coloured. When I look at my version of the stick, it is the closest that I could get to the etherial, unattainable nature of nature.   The artwork can be horizontal or vertical.

I need to bring the real stick back to its original home and set it free. It has bowed with age and the dry air in my studio.  I have my own now. I am sure it will be very happy to be home.

Price on demand