Spring Garden

2017, papers, felt, hobby grass, thread, wire, string, fabric, pen, pencil, ink, beads, stamps, photographs, 39 x 57 inches.

This artwork was inspired by a project that I did with Noah’s 4th grade class called Mystery Meadow. This, however, is more like a Spring Garden as there are pretty clear delineations within the boarders of the paper. Of course, some of the garden has grown wild and unruly, but for the most part, it has a rectangular shape.  Rectangles are something that I try to stay away from, so there needs to be a reason for it.

I was very inspired by spring last year and started drawing plants and flowers during that time. I also have been collecting plants and flowers for years and wanted to use them.  Lastly, during the past three spring breaks with my mother, we have spent a lot of time touring peoples’ gardens, the most remarkable one being Prince Charles Highgrove last year.  In my Spring Garden, as in all the ones I’ve been to, the path leads us through patterns, deviations, lulls and surprises.   Imagination is the rule along with the cycles of life.

I recently saw a Klimpt painting of a garden which was on auction at Christies. The remarkable thing about it was that it had bulges within the painting as though something had been buried under the flowers.  All life is built on death and so I included undefined undulations  in my garden too.  Though a garden is not sinister really, it is slightly eerie to think of the possibilities of what could be lurking under the protruding swellings.