Sun Siren Song, 2023, papers, tea tie-dyed velvet, etching of my writing in four directions, thread, oxidized copper ink and coloured pencil, 21 x 17 inches.

In the summer nights, the moths crowd around any outdoor light, unaware of their imminent destruction.  My moths were once butterflies. They are the negative space created when I cut butterflies out of stamps.  I backed the stamp exteriors with a white on white etching of my writing in four directions.

The centre of this artwork is a tea tie-dyed piece of shimmery velvet that looked like an unidentifiable meaty slab when it dried.  It also looked like a dying sun. Its rays shine in an unusual way and the butterfly-moths are drawn to the heat and the light.  I have heard, though I am afraid to research it, that beautiful butterflies ironically love rotting flesh.  For this reason, I have decided that these are butterflies and moths crowding around a fleshy dying sun.  To be honest, I find this artwork a little bit off, but not sinister to look at.  In fact, I find it quite beautiful.  However, as butterflies and moths will attest to, the things that you are attracted to, are not always the most delightful and life affirming.