Spider Pie in the Sky, (sides a and b)

2001, papers that have to do with letters and my favorite paper, 17 1/2 x 15 inches.

I made this for a show at the Drawing Center. I think it was a benefit and obviously it didn’t sell.  My work usually dictates two sides because of all the things that go on in front.  (bleeding colours, stitches, writing, leftover artworks from before or je ne sais pas quoi) Here I have sandwiched the important bits  inside see through stamp envelopes.  This preserves the integrity of what the bits are made of by showing both sides. .

This is a spider because it looks like a spider and because of Louise Bourgeois. A spider makes a transparent web that divides and separates. It is in the sky, because all the air is in the sky.  Of course a web is very fragile to a person, but it is all powerful to a tiny creature.

Price on demand