Shadow Flowers in the Night Garden, 2023, paper, graphite, indigo tie dyed cotton velvet, 47 x 69 1/2 inches.

I am interested in perfect contrasts: contrasts of colour, contrasts of pattern, contrasts of day and night, light and dark, sun and moon.  When I make art, I know that I have achieved a perfect contrast when something pops, but also feels complete and satisfying.  Every artwork that I make, has a level of this, but in different ways.

What happened when I put the flowers on this backdrop was astounding to me.  The night sky and the shadow flowers enveloped me and I found a perfect level of satisfaction and peace.

In the summer evenings when I walk down to my outdoor shower, I walk through my sort of wild garden full of weeds and flowers.  Normally, it is quite dark and the garden is just a black shadow in front of an even  inkier backdrop.    It is a simple vision that I find extremely compelling.

I started this artwork by tracing the shadows of the flowers in my garden.  This is the white paper.  The backdrop is shimmery velvet that I tie-dyed with indigo in a very full-on and exhausting process.  It took weeks because I would let it dry in-between dippings , I am not sure if this was correct, but it was a learning process. To set it, I washed it in vinegar and was SO BUMMED when all the white (which was going to be the stars) was significantly dulled down, though the fabric still does shimmer in its own way.  In a moment of serendipity, I put the garden onto this backdrop and the artwork had arrived. I don’t normally stop at such a “simple”’ art solution.  I am always working things over and over. I can never believe they are just finished with one action. Unless, I find another perfect colour for the flowers, (which I might) , this artwork is complete. I too am complete, for a moment.  I am back in my night garden, taking my sublime shower, not alone, in the never dark.