Sentimental With Some Flowers and Skies

papers, photos of skies, Mom and Daddy’s towel, my great-great grandmother’s towel, random lace, avocado pit dye, graphite, thread, 31 x 14 inches.

This is a deeply sentimental artwork. The tea towel at the top comes from my great or great-great grandmother’s (not sure whose) collection of tea towels. The bottom comes from my mom and daddy’s towel from the 60’s, that has fallen to bits, but that I always loved as a child. The lacy bit in the middle is a breath.  I dyed everything pink with avocado pits.  The skies on top are cut out of photographs from NYC from  100 years ago.  This is meant to be grounding; to show that our sky is always the same.

During the worst of COVID, all I did was cook and clean and do laundry and during the summer months I  drove the children back and forth to play tennis. Sometimes, I would have an hour where I had to wait for the children, but wasn’t allowed to sit on chairs or be near anyone, so I would draw weeds or out of the way flowers.  Sometimes, I was lucky enough to snatch an hour in our garden at home where the flowers are plentiful and I was allowed to sit in a chair. 

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