Save Our Children

2018, papers, drawings, fabrics, photos, ink, pencil, pearls, holes, feathers, 25 x 34 inches.

I am so upset by the gun policies in the USA, but nothing I ever do makes a difference. The most satisfying political reaction I have is through my art. I have a series of artworks that I make in collaboration with children. I often ask them to make self-portraits. These are always honest and telling portraits. I happened to have some leftover people, including this one of my sons who just happened to be destroyed by another of my sons in indelible red ink. It was perfect for a bloody boy. I took the children’s smiley faces and turned them into screaming mouths. I gave them bloody feet as they stand in the literally bloody sea (that we have also destroyed) How much blood have our children spilled because of our policies? I would think that it would be a good-sized lake. The sky is inspired by the painting by Karl Freidrich Schinkel “Sternenhalle im Palast der Konigin der Nacht” , 1815. It is from the “ Star Hall” of the Queen of the Night in the Magic Flute by Mozart. The child angel is flying up to the firmament on high while the guns and sticky blood continue.