Roots Grow First

2020, Mom and Daddy’s towel dyed with avocado, drawings in ink and graphite on paper, string and thread.

These are weed and grass drawings that I did during the first COVID summer when I could steal an hour or so away from cooking, cleaning, laundry and driving. These were made while sitting in a field outside the tennis court and swimming pool  where I was not allowed to be.  As I drew these grasses and flowers, I thought about the interwoven network of roots that are the power of the fields.   Weeds, grasses and roots are underrated. 

The backing is made from my parents towel that they used in the 60s and 70’s which my mother gave to me 25 years ago.  I cherished it as a drying tool until it was a rag and now I  cherish it as an art material.  My friend Arabella and I took a natural dying class and we were amazed to see that avocado pits dye in this lovely pink colour.  

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