Rome Was Not Built in a Day

2003-2016, gold, papers, photos, stamps, thread, stamps, string, fabric, hobby rocks, gouache, ink, graphite, plastic, 41 x 79 inches.

I lived at the American Academy in Rome making art during the autumn of 2003.    When there, I wanted to see every special spot that I could. I visited as many churches as possible, walked the streets incessantly, tried all the good restaurants, admired walls, fountains, stairs, roads, buildings, ruins…. It is a sprawling multi layered nook and cranny treasure trove of life gone and living.  I used a real map of Rome today and cut it out over and over.  I gilded it with gold.  I collected postcards, pictures, stamps and papers, relating to different places in Rome.  I put everything as close as I could to where they actually belonged on my Roman map.  I couldn’t possibly make Rome as it is. Only millions and millions of people together in a span of thousands and thousands of years could create a city like that.  No matter,  this is my Rome, made in thirteen years, as best as I can represent it. It is my favorite city.