Quest for the Bong Tree

2016, wool felt, string, thread, beads, papers, ink, gouache, 34 x 47 inches.

This artwork drove me nuts for years.  Almost 19 years ago, I made paper at Dieu Donné Paper Mill that I didn’t really like, so I painted on it, then cut it up. I still didn’t like it, so I sewed it together and painted on it, then I painted on it more.  I cut it up again and sewed it together again.  Just recently, I added the handmade felt land and cut some more.  Finally, I painted again and added some beads.  The topography of this map isn’t very realistic, but in reality, the earth’s topography is always changing, so maybe it doesn’t matter. The sea is multilayered and cantankerous.  The Owl and Pussy Cat are looking for the Land Where the Bong Tree Grows.  (I think that is Laos)