Just Me, the Sky and the Queen Anne’s Lace, 2022

thick, indigo Abaca paper that I designed with the Carriage House Paper, other paper, graphite, thread, 8 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches.

The summer of 2021, during the bad Covid, we visited the Sadrian cousins in Bay Head. It is very relaxing to visit there.  Everything is out of my hands which is good because there is nothing useful to do and bad because I am a nervous Nellie when I am not needed where my children are concerned.   Instead of giving in to the nerves, I went to find some wild. There was a  little slit of earth between the concrete of two houses, where a tangle of Queen Anne’s Lace and Rose Hips flourish.  To see details properly, I wore a double set of 1.5 glasses. My tiny maze drawing took more hours than it looks like it should have, but everything I do is slow. For me, when I make art, time stands still.  Here I was lost in the lines and paper and place.   To accentuate the subject, I cut it out so that it becomes an object in and of itself.  I backed it onto the deep indigo parchment-like paper that I designed with the Carriage Paper House.  This artwork is like a jewel. 

The book I was listening to was the The Paper Palace,  which I thought was a bit contrived, though riveting. I consider that my art is not contrived, but I hope that it too is riveting. 

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