Pray For Now, 2022, sticker, thread, paper on abaca paper, 11 x 8 1/4 inches.

These words came from an Aviator Nation bumper sticker that I got in Vail.  Originally, it said “PRAY FOR SNOW” which I thought was pretty dumb, but “PRAY FOR NOW” seems quite apt. The lobster comes from a card someone sent me.  Lobsters are  incredible prehistoric creatures that originated between 4-500 million years ago.  They are the most pervasive, diverse, long-lived, and thriving animal groups on earth.   I figure that when everything falls apart for we humans, at least the lobsters will probably be ok in whatever form might evolve for them.  I also think of the lobster in a bit of a prayer position.  I am sure that the lobster couldn’t care a less what happens to humans though and will probably be happy when we are gone. Maybe this one is praying that we get off the earth quickly!