Prairie Peace

1999, papers from clover, pods, silk, oatstraw, and other papers, approximately 20 inches x 84 inches.  Hung low to the ground.

I had never seen a prairie until I went to Ragdale.  It was November, but it was not just brown. The colors were rich and deep and everywhere changing and glowing.  The biodiversity and life was pure and harmonious and very alive and endlessly fascinating. Although it was flat, I was swallowed up and protected.  I made this piece in honor of the prairie.  I used papers made out of milkweed, cattail, tobacco, grass, and clover for the nature parts.  Other additions like string, staples, wax and hobby grass are included here because the prairie is also way funk with prehistoric elephant ear leaves, or balls of fluff that look like dead animal, but instead was some molting plant.