Our ASL Mosaic

2015, papers, felt, fabrics, strings, threads, coffee stain, pen, made in collaboration with more than 150 ASL community members,  approximately 45 inches around.

All self-portraits represent  individuals in their own unique and honest way. In this community, everyone is different but intertwined: interconnected and indivisible.

Each of the 63 countries represented by this group is demonstrated by its own national postage stamp. The countries from which, at the time, did not have members, are made of hobby grass, which is used for model trains.

The felt ocean is made out of silk, alpaca and wool. Felt is the most ancient fabric in the world, dating back, at least, to 5000 BC. To this day, felt is still a predominant fabric in some cultures, often used to make yurts. Though this felt ocean is not literally a shelter, we can symbolically think of it as an ancient protective support for our diverse yet unified world.