2016, digital image, size variable

Nasty is part of a real artwork called “Don’t Pick My Flower or I Will Bite You.”  Too frequently, artistic pictures of naked women are voyeuristic and mediocre.  I felt the need to tell these “artistic photographs” taken by a dirty man what I think of them.   These are not vaginas, because the vagina is the hole. These are not vulvas, clitorises, labias or muffs. No one seems to agree on what kind of flower this is, so let’s learn it all.   We cannot protect our naked lady image, that is everywhere.  I am giving you, the viewer, multiple pictures  of your desire.  Here is a multi-lady-flower with her literal lips.   A sexy-ish “vagina (there is that word again) dentata”.   It is a little scary because she might bite you to protect herself.  But Oh NO! What can this be in the middle, but the foul mouth of Donald Trump who has gotten into our pants to yammer on about who is boss.  This image is for him.  Donald,  take all these objects to your hearts desire.  But Donald, watch out, you will be smothered and gagged and eaten.   He called Hilary Clinton  a “Nasty Woman”, but who is NASTY here? It is certainly not us.