My Home is Gone Now

2017, papers, photos, ink, pencil, felt, thread, string, fabric, beads, holes, paint, 29 x 24 inches.

The base of this artwork is the cut-out plants and insects that the fourth graders drew for Mystery Meadow.  Negative space was left behind, but demonstrates a concrete imprint of transient, ephemeral and fragile spring life.  Despite the loss of these creatures, there is always something that grows back in their stead. Virile dandelions and various greens will always proliferate despite the passing of time.

When I made this house, it was harkening back to the loss of my very sentimental childhood houses.  Each room is remembered, but is absent of the soul we gave it and has gone back to nature. The life that was once in the house, still survives as spirits that are leaving through the chimney.

Ironically, I must have had a premonition on this artwork, as we are about to lose our family house that embodies the soul of our family.

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