Mother Thinks Ambition is Tacky, 2023, paper, thread, fabric, approximately 24 x 18 inches.

At first this was “mama says ambition is tacky”,  but then I though that it is more a “mother” that has that kind of thoughts. Then I thought that a mother would never say that, but would only think it, so it became “mother thinks that ambition is tacky”

In our family, ambition is considered tacky. Though ambition is the only way you get anything. I am hoping to be ambitious without having a tacky side to it. I wrestle with this with my art.  It is possible to be ambitious without doing it in a tacky way? I aspire to this. Ambition will get you everywhere.

This artwork needed to be in cursive because “mother” writes like that. It also needed to be made from that gingham that Marianne, from Giligan’s Island wore.