Lots of Very Significant Memorabilia (“All the silly sightless people came and looked and called it junk.”-Shel Silverstein) (badly documented)

2020, papers, fabrics, beads, holes, thread, photos, pencils, inks, etc. etc. etc…..77 x 41 inches. BADLY DOCUMENTED.

I am a collector of very important papers that are significant and make sense only to me. All the papers in this artwork have stories that make up my memories  of who I am.    However, I sometimes get to a point where I feel less emotional about things and am happy to get rid of them. This artwork took many many years to complete. At first I wanted to make it more of a drawn artwork, but the paper didn’t work with the materials, so I had to resort to collage.  I will not tell a lie, this artwork was laborious and tedious to make until I got to the end bit when it finally came together. I don’t know how long this took to make, but it seemed endless!!!