Layers of Communication Series

1991, color etchings surface rolled- all monoprints, 11 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.  

This is from a series of monoprint etchings that we made for our class book in our printmaking class at Sarah Lawrence in my last year.   I was very interested in the origins of writing and in writing itself, so I used my blown up writing as the main shape and filled it with my writing.  I also used symbols and scratches implying prehistoric notations. I also put a collie from the dictionary in there. I loved making this series and felt very proud of it.

I proudly showed it to Bruce Hooten, the most famous person that I knew in the artworld.  He looked at these prints and others  and declared them sort of boring and suggested that I make frames for them. Thus began my life as a collagist.