It’s Important to Recycle (Even if it Sends You Over the Edge)

2005-2015, papers and glue, 92 x 54 inches.

When Arthur was born, I was very overwhelmed by how I could ever make my Valentines on time. I never start before the new year, because that would be even more neurotic than my Valentines already are, and I need to be done by the end of January to send them out from London.  I thought that if I cut up strips of paper and glued them into stripes on one big sheet of paper that I could cut THAT big stripey paper up and then have built in backgrounds for all the hearts. Though they were not my best Valentines, this technique worked and the Valentines went out on time.  The only problem was that I was left with too many strips of paper that had no use. I hate to throw anything away, so I began to tediously and laboriously weave all the leftover strips of paper together. It was so boring to make and I had three children to contend with. It took 9 years and I finally finished it. Now I am grateful for my stamina.