I Cannot Close My Door

2016, papers, fabrics, threads, strings, etchings, photos, gouache, ink, wool, metal, bits of drawings by Arthur, Noah, and Jacob, 83 x 36 inches. 

My scraps endlessly accumulate. Usually, I glue my woven artworks, but this one I tried to sew on my machine.  Not surprisingly, the artwork became too bulky on and  bunched up and ripped. When I couldn’t stand making this artwork any more, I put it onto my office door which it perfectly fitted. It remained there for months and months.  No one was careful of it.  It got slammed open and closed and pulled and pushed.  Later, I moved it out into my studio where I ignored it for 2 years, at least.  When I finally accepted the artwork’s calling to be finished, I properly sewed it together, glued some, and painted the super ugly bits over with white. White gives the artwork texture and depth and expresses as much as colour does.  Even though “I Cannot Close My Door” is a bit of a throwback to my double-sided white woven pieces 20 years ago, I don’t mind. This style of making art is in my psyche, and that “door” will always be open.  On the other side of the door are my family and friends. Though I may sometimes try to hide, I cannot possibly shut that door either.  Hence, this is a two sided artwork.

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