How Would You Enjoy This Stamen in Your Flower?

2020, papers, beads, fabrics, wax, ink, pigment, 27 x 11 x 4 inches.

I have real aversion to Donald Trump. Everything that I feel about him can be embodied in his mouth. The hate he spews and the repugnant way he moves it, make me recoil. He has a special pig-like snout that he makes when he is making a point that he is very passionate about. It is revolting.  I made a lot of artworks using his snout, most importantly, my NASTY artwork. This is a foul flower. The tongue stamen is caked and bloody like a used tampon.  I think of this as the  worst way I could punish such a misogynist, like Trump.  I am sure, despite the fact that he is a whore, he does not actually like pussy.  Or could you imagine having this in your vagina if you were a woman???  Unfortunately, in its scatalogical way, to me, this is a beautiful artwork in its own way . 

Price on demand