1996, papers, ink, wire, 56 x 43 inches. 2 sided. 

This is an artwork made out of old scrap books and papers owned by my aunts, uncles, grandmother and great great grandmother.  I backed it all with strong printmaking paper to preserve it and then to get the seeping colour around the edges, I coloured the back of each one.  I then sewed all these papers together with wire.  It hurt my hands and made me bleed.  I felt very sacrificial hurting myself this way in the name of artwork.

GUILT is the name of this stabbed artwork for two reasons other than what it looks like.  At the time I made this, I was having boy traumas and would have consuming conversations on the phone while I did this painful work.  I also have a level of guilt destroying papers that belonged to people that I loved or esteemed.

On the front of this artwork, you can see the beautiful facade, but on the underbelly back you can see the GUILT and the fake way that I got the bleeding edges.