Ghost Fish in Goodbye Waves

2017, papers and thread, 17 1/2 x 22 inches.

On a deserted cliff in Japan sits a lonely phone box which doesn’t work. However, people come from all over to call their family and friends who have passed away, to connect with their spirits.

I cut fishes out of stamps. I glued the leftover “around the stamps” onto abaca paper. The negative space was the ghost of the fish made out of abaca paper.¬† I cut these out and sewed them onto rag paper.

These ghost fish are below the waves looking up to the light. Or are we looking  down on the deep from the top of the cliff? Or could we be looking up at the night skies? Who knows what form a spirit takes.

Are there billions of spirits floating around in the ether? Can we connect to them with an imaginary phone line? Maybe.

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