Furies to Fantasia, 2023, papers, moss, fabrics, string, thread, photo of barnacles on acetate, ink, size?

Furies to Fantasia is a name that stems from my state of mind from the beginning this artwork to the finish.  Furies or Erinyes or Eumenides are the underworld goddesses ….” that under earth take vengeance on men, whosoever hath sworn a false oath”.   (Illiad)  Fantasia is a free form musical composition.  When choosing this name,   I was thinking of die Blau Reiter artists like Kandinsky who turned music into art, or the movie “Fantasia” that is a phenomenal  amalgamation of music and cartoon.

When I began this artwork,  my husband had just torn my whole personality to shreds because I didn’t want a dog (that I would have to take care of most of the time and he would neglect unless he chose to pay attention).  Calling me a furie would not be the exact term, because I was not focused or powerful at that moment.   I was, however, simmering underground.  I took lots of leftover and rejected papers and  put them together in different ways.   It was not an artistic success, but it was something to channel my uncontrolled emotions.  Slowly, as the work developed and grew, unrelated materials, like lichen, African-style fabrics with animalistic characteristics, and acetate with photos of barnacles challenged my own traditional art structures.   It was fury  that put these scatological elements  together, but for me, beauty’s elation always wins out, creating a overpowering fantasia of design and colour.

From a young age, I had a lot of anger, for a lot of reasons. As I have aged, through  age, yoga, a bit of bad meditation, better food,  children, being married, and of course , art, I have learned to channel my anger into more positive places.  Furies to Fantasia is a bit the story of my life.