From Dirty Dirt Doth Flowers Grow

2015, photos, string, thread, money, hobby grass, papers, ink, holes, gouache, wool, felt, lace, approx. 30 inches around.

I am a collector of special papers.  For years I have punched a lot of holes in these with my very fancy Japanese paper hole punch.  With each hole, comes a dot.  Each tiny dot, caries with it the significance and history of its host, the paper.   I have used a lot of those special dots in different projects. One project I have been making is a collection of flowers in a variety of rainbow colors. In this artwork, I have arranged the flowers in a kind of rainbow clock. From a distance it is like a dandelion clock with a twist.  The flowers grow out of photos of trees and shrubbery taken at my grandparent’s house over 20 years ago.  The very inside of the artwork was going to be the vegetable garden made of aubergine, onions and beetroot paper and mounted on red felt.  Sadly, it looked terrible in the middle, so I buried it (turned it backwards). Now the rejected dirt is facing forwards and in the middle. No one wants to see the dirt, but it has nutrients which help the flowers grow.  Flowers grow everywhere, and sometimes where you don’t expect them. However, they do always arrive at certain times and in certain orders.