Flower Power: The Neighbors that Never Met ‘Til Now

 1998, photos left over from the Wardwell Family and the Bradford Family on paper, 20 inches around. 

My Aunt Libby could look across 80th Street and  into the Wardwell’s apartment and visa versa.  I was dear friends with their granddaughter and my mother with their daughter, but my Aunt Libby didn’t know a soul.  When Mr. and Mrs. Wardwell died, my friend gave me a lot of rejected old photos which I mixed together with rejected photos from my family.  Now their relationship is sealed whereas it may have never happened.  Life is strange.

Flower Power:The Neighbors Who Never Met ‘Til Now.  In this piece, people spiral out into a flower. My aunt lived at 925 Park Ave on the 11th floor and Sophie’s grandparents lived at 911 Park on the 10th floor. They could look through each other’s windows and see each other, but they never knew each other even though our grandfathers had both gone to Harvard at the same time and my aunt  and her uncle were in the same club. By putting the leftover pictures of the people together in an artwork, they were finally united.