Don’t Touch My Flower, You Asshole, Or I Will Eat You

Too frequently, artistic representations of naked women are voyeuristic and mediocre. I felt the need to tell these “artistic photographs” taken by a dirty man what I think of them. I made three artworks with this series of photographs, one for each part of the female gawked at anatomy (breasts, fannies, bums).  The photographs here are not vaginas, because the vagina is the hole. These are not vulvas, clitorises, labias or muffs. No one seems to agree on what kind of flower this is, so let’s learn all the vocabulary so as to properly articulate.  We cannot protect our naked lady image. That is everywhere. Therefore, I will join the club and give to you, the voyeur, multiple pictures of your desire.   Here is a multi-lady-flower with her literal lips and anatomical mouth.  A sexy-ish “vagina (there is that word again) dentata”.  It is a little scary because she might bite you to protect herself from groping hands and worse.  This flower is by invitation only.  Whoever visits, may not walk on the beds, they may not pick, they must only appreciate the floral fantasia.

Price on demand