Diligent Daisy Dots

2018, papers, photographs, stamps, ink, felt, hobby grass, money, beads. beads. ink, pencil, string, thread, fabrics, acorn, holes, protrusions, coffee, hobby rocks, maps, stamps, 31 x 114 inches.

After I had my first baby, the only way I could make art with him was to put him on my boob and breast feed him until he passed out. I would keep him there suckling and sleeping for hours while I cut out lots and lots of flowers. For years they have festered in a box. My dots, too, which I have punched out over time from lots of important papers, have been waiting to be reborn. Slowly, I have collected spring flowers and foliage. It has taken me years of diligence to put all the dots inside the daisies. After 13 years, this artwork is finally completed. It is a spring rainbow of flowers, blowing breezily in the wind. It is about patience: for making, for life, for joy, for fulfilment, or just for spring.