Dance Then, whomever you may be, 2023

papers, including Carriage House Paper commissioned by me, cofee, thread, cynoprint on fabric gold,  13 x 34 inches.

This artwork began with cynoprints that I made the summer of 2022. These are made by placing objects (in this case flowers and plants) onto light sensitive fabric and exposing it until a shadow is created. The white flowers are also a kind of shadow or negative space that was left when I cut out my drawings of these flowers.  I see shadows as kind of spirits, attached, but detached from their  fleshy concrete counter-body. Elusive to draw, because of their object’s and the sun’s movement,  I love to think of them all dancing free.

Lord of the Dance is one of my favorite childhood songs that I have shared with my children.  It is an early Christian song, but also has some pagan in it.  Every year they sing it at the Revels and it ironically uplifts us all, though it is kind of depressing if you listen to the words.  They sing , “Dance then, where ever you may be, I am the lord of the dance said he….” In this artwork I would  like to say instead “Dance then, whomever you may be….” because everyone is different and everyone deserves to dance.

Price on demand