Circle of Life in a Rectangle-Ish, 2022

papers, birch bark, thread, my parents towel, avocado pit dye, 24 x 18 inches.

The background of this artwork is made from my parents towel that I loved so much.  Sadly, it became untenable, so I decided to bring it back to life by destroying its original function (which by now was kaput)  and making it into art.  I dyed the towel with avocado pits, which turned  it into this glorious pinkish fleshy vomit colour which has the potential to be so gross.   Somehow, is beautiful to me.   The birch bark I found on walks in our woods during covid. The pictures of flowers I found in a market in Queens Park. They used to be used for educational purposes in schools. 

I have named this “Circle of Life in a Rectangle-Ish” because it is the death of the towel, the death of the birch, but the life of the flowers, their roots and the pits of the avocado, which nourish each other to be reborn and die again.  This artwork should be a circle, but it is actually a rectangle.  Though it is not even a rectangle, it is more of a rectangle-ish. 

Price on demand