Cemetery Fiesta

1997, papers, wire, stamps, ink, gouache, 13 1/2 x 25 x 10 inches. 

Cemetery Fiesta: The pictures’ parts were cut out of the stamps from Bernardo and glued backwards to make a large piece called “Sent”. The outside frame of the stamps went to lay the ground pattern for this piece. They ended up loosing their middles again because they were partially cut out like cellar doors or tombs.  Underneath is the void. The above part comes from leftovers and all sort of morbid themes like the Early Life of the Blindman Who Fired My Cousin.  As more and more of these leftovers grew forth,  I thought of Easter in Mexico where they explode colorful dolls etc. and their remains are everywhere. Death seems so festive there as compared to here. Maybe it’s that their idea of fiesta is much more morbid than ours….