California As A Holy Frisbee, Forever Free, 2022

papers, stamps, gold leaf, ink, thread, string, holes, approximately 17 inches around.

I actually started this artwork 20 years ago. I was making a map of the USA out of stamps and I didn’t like the California shape made out of 3 different colours. I cut it out of the original artwork and put another one in. I also had lots of other stamps of California which I wanted to use and so connected them all together in a circle.  I then filled in the spaces with gold. By now, I knew it was for my brother who went to California to follow my father’s spirit. He played frisbee at Berkeley.  Just recently I found this frisbee laying lonely in my flat files. It didn’t really need it, but I wanted to put a middle in, so used a forsaken artwork also from over 20 years ago and knew it was good for Jacob.  It is California. It is gold and the rainbow all together.  It is a breezy (because of the holes and weather)  frisbee forever free.  This was Jacob’s dream and now he is living it.