Brittle Poof

2016, porcelain, felt made of wool and cashmere and silk, thread, photographs of air, approx. 13 inches around.

In this artwork, I tried to express light and purity.  The materials here are some of the oldest in the world. Porcelain is made from earth, air, water, fire.  Felt is the oldest fabric.  The photographs are of the air around a dandelion.  Most of the artwork is white and a there are real air (holes).  In concept, all these ideas of  purity are great, in practice, they do not translate.  When I finished,  the artwork was not an ephemeral poof, it was heavy and brittle, hence the name.  I was sad in a way, but this is also the great thing about conceptual art. It doesn’t necessarily translate.  It is not an illusion.  It is the truth.  

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