Big Doodle

2005, papers, ink stamps, postage stamps, acetate, gouache, watercolour, ink, pencils, 36 x 28 inches.

Abaca paper is VERY special and this piece deserved to stay intact.  I made a giant doodle with all the passion I could. There is colour and movement and detail and growth. When Arthur was a baby, he always woke up crying like he was terrified of something. Sometimes I would bring him to my studio where he would nap while I worked. One day he woke up in the Moses basket right under where this Big Doodle was hung.  Instead of waking up distressed, he woke up gurgling and kicking his legs and arms, happy to be awake. Even though he was only a few months old, he completely responded to this artwork.  This experience proved the importance of a positive environment.  People, especially children, relate deeply to everything: good and bad. Art has power.