Autumn Garden, 2023

papers, nails, wool, felt, string, thread, gold, ink, tea dye, avocado dye, birch bark, photographs of between brush, other fabrics, 45 x 39 inches.

This artwork has taken me about 5 years to complete.  Autumn gardens are underrated.  When we take autumnal walks in gorgeous countrysides outside of London, I am aways moved by the skeletal remains of once vibrant plants that pulsed with chlorophyll.  Somehow, these never depress me. I love to see the plants’ original structures, brittle in glorious yellow, brown, beige, and wine colours.  Stalks still stand erect, glowing with  sunlight,  seemingly from within.

The unseen earth life also often goes unrecognized.  I want to acknowledge the dirt and roots that are never “dead” and  that make everything happen.

Price on demand