Arabella’s, 2021

This is a commission that I did for my friend Arabella. It was very specific in an unspecific way. She wanted a woven artwork with yellows and another colour that we couldn’t exactly specify.  I recycled these woven pieces that I have saved from the installation that I did at Limbo, a café/restaurant in the East Village in the mid 90’s.  I covered the walls with woven pieces and named it  Safe In My Labryinth.  I sewed some of these together as the base. There are lots of ladders.  I  also had these yellow land maps from Normandy and Great Britain that  cut out from a water map of the English Channel which I sewed in too.

The grid is for Manhattan and Arabella’s time kicking ass in that exciting place. The UK is for Arabella’s life here and Normandy, France, is for Arabella’s family  connection there.  The universal grid also connects everything together. The ladders mean that we are always striving to be higher beings.