All One Sky: Then Is Now

2020, papers, photographs of the sky, other photos, wool felt, string, thread, holes, ink, stamp and graphite, 21 x 23 inches.

I think that John Baldessari was one of the most brilliant artists of our time.  The sky here is the sky part cut out of multiple photographs taken over 100 years ago. When we see a sky in context, with the rest of its photograph, we know what it is. When we see it cut out, it is just weird. Here is the concept of the sky.  The buildings and people are some contemporary and some old photos of NYC and London.  The green bottom is the underbelly of life that we don’t see. This is the life that is allowing the rest of our world to germinate. Ironically and  sadly,  people have made the over-part war ravaged,  full of pollution, and drab. 

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