A Is For Amory And (Additional Affirmative Affairs), 2022

tea towel from my great-great grandmother Elizabeth Gardener Amory and thread. 28 x 17 inches.

When we cleaned out my grandmother’s house, no one wanted the neatly folded  tens of tea towels. Because I am me,  I said yes. They remind me of my grandmother and of family.   I have preserved and uplifted  this lowly tea towel and the letter “A”  by spontaneously writing every positive or interesting word I am attracted to that begins with that letter.  One day, I will learn to hand embroider, but because I cannot, I used the sewing machine to write out words.  Amory is my middle name.  It is also the family name of my great-grandmother, who died in a horse accident, leaving behind my grandmother and her two brothers, aged 1, 2, and 3.